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August sales of freshly baked, which car prices smile? – with the end of August, Sohu motor, the beginning of September, it is time to release the car sales charts. 2016 China’s car market in the past years, the volume of passenger cars to reach a total of 1759273 vehicles, compared with the same period last year, a total of 1368556 rose by 28.5%, this increase is essentially flat with last month. Another narrow passenger car sales grew by more than expected, in August sales of 1763467 vehicles grew by 27.6%. SAIC Volkswagen, FAW Volkswagen, SAIC GM ranked the top three. Sales of the top ten have their own independent brands, which ranked the top seventh strong return on sales in Changan. As the first production and marketing of double million car independent brands, from the latest sales data can be seen in August to achieve a strong growth. The overall sales volume has been gratifying SUV Changan automobile sales main models, especially CS75 and CS35 sales steadily, CS75 is an important product of Changan automobile on SUV models in the market, since the market sales volume is way up. In August CS75 sales is gratifying to achieve sales of 15017, an increase of 16.4%, an increase of 122.9%; CS35 sales of 73, strong growth in sales. Need to change according to the market demand and competition in the SUV layout, the new CS15 and CX70 and other new products, more abundant in the product, thus promote the overall growth of sales. The car also has a huge growth in August, Changan Yi and Yue Xiang series were given a significant growth, especially the escape, the monthly sales to over 10000, the total sales of 11824 vehicles, an increase of 1.1%. Changan Yue Xiang series as a classic car, with good products and sales force, in August achieved sales of 6927, although the year is still slightly decreased, but compared to 4724 in July rose 46.7% qoq. MPV auneau and Auchan combination was found to be very hot models. Auneau in August total sales of 9418 vehicles, an increase of 44.9%, the chain rose 64%. Auchan and sales of 9180 vehicles in August, were ranked third and fourth in the August MPV sales list. A strong return to a new high of Changan automobile (Chinese Changan automobile group Limited by Share Ltd), formerly known as China South auto industry Limited by Share Ltd, founded in December 2005, its present name in July 1, 2009, is a China South Industries Group Corporation, Aviation Industry Corp Chinese two world top 50 enterprises, China joined forces, the automobile industry’s strategic restructuring, the establishment of a large enterprise group China, is one of the four big automobile group. In recent years, Changan automobile has always adhered to the "I mainly, independent innovation" development model. After years of efforts, the formation of Chongqing, Shanghai, Beijing, Hebei, Italy, Turin, Yokohama, Japan, Britain, the United States of Detroit Bermingham 24 hours of uninterrupted global R & D system, has a professional R & D personnel more than 10000 people (including service!相关的主题文章: