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Health Individuals with degenerated discs in the lower spine region sometimes suffer from inability to stand in a straight posture due to chronic low back pain. Most patients with degenerative disc disease are treated with the procedure of artificial lumber disc replacement when anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy and injections fail. Most of these individuals will favorably respond to surgical procedure of artificial lumber disc replacement due to its high success rate in curing spinal disc disorders and lumber back injuries, but a subset of individuals will continue to experience pain. The chronic nature of back pain often interferes with the ability to work and participate in regular daily activities. As a result, surgical treatment may become necessary. Degenerated or ruptured spinal discs: The human spine is a column consists bones and discs. The blocks of bone (or vertebrae) provide the anterior support and structure of the spine. Posteriorly, the two facet joints at each level provide stability and movement of the motion segment. The spinal discs naturally exist between bones and act like a cushion or shock absorber between the vertebrae. The discs also contribute to the flexibility and motion of the spinal column. Due to aging, the water content diminishes and causes wear and tear in the disc throughout the annulus fibrosus. These ruptured discs are often referred to as degenerativediscs and may or may not cause pain and surgical repair is done with the procedure of artificial lumber disc replacement.   Advantages and benefits of Artificial lumber disc replacement: Artificial lumber disc replacement is one of the latest revolutions is in the field of lumber spine. Several different types, Artificial lumber disc replacement systems and devices by several different manufacturers, have been approved in the last few years. Surgeons as well as lumber spine patients are hopeful about this procedure to provide enormous recovery benefits and advantages to cure spine disorders like Increased wear and tear at the neighboring disc levels, lack of motion, and accelerated degeneration at the adjacent levels. The procedure of artificial lumber disc replacement has been reported by medical experts to be safer than lumber fusion surgery with least complications and risks. Indian healthcare system aims on price reduction and maintaining surgical quality: Back pain is a very common and very expensive disorder when it is caused due to degenerated discs, and sometimes people with a slipped disc or narrowing of the bony canal in the spine require surgery. Indian healthcare system aims on price reduction and maintaining surgical quality. India being a perfect place for affordable artificial lumber disc replacement has leading spine consultants and doctors who have worked as honorary senior lecturers at reputed orthopedic and spine rehabilitation centers of Mumbai and Chennai. We provide the highest standards of private spinal surgery at our affiliated medical institutions that have 25 years of experience in curing patients with their highly trained clinical and support staff that is dedicated to care for you in every way. We can serve you well as medical trip and healthcare tourism managers right from your registration, medical visa approval, travel arrangements, surgical lodging at furnished hospital rooms and 5***** hotels all at an economical budget. For more details visit us at .dheerajbojwani.. or mail at [email protected] 相关的主题文章: