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Religious Art As Home Décor By: Arizona Penhaligon | Aug 30th 2006 – Many people are looking to religious art to add some charm and history to their home decor. Tags: The Art Of William Morris By: Louise Alderson | Aug 30th 2006 – A brief history of the art of William Morris. Tags: Elegant And Modern: Floral Art Tapestries By: David Burr | Aug 30th 2006 – The beauty and elegance of floral art tapestries. Tags: Sell Your Art Or Crafts At Juried Shows To Increase Your Profits By: Rena Klingenberg | Aug 27th 2006 – Selling your art or crafts at juried shows can be a good source of income. Learn what a juried show is, plus tips for getting accepted into the higher-caliber, higher-earning shows. Tags: How To Get A Graphic Design Job After Art School By: Michael Long | Aug 25th 2006 – After four years of art school and countless portfolio reviews, late nights in the computer lab, and enough espresso to kill an elephant, I made the worst mistake of my life. I graduated. Most art schools make it appear that your degree will immediately lead into a fulfilling career in which you can make your own hours, exp … Tags: Vintage Poster- Art Auctions By: J&G Reay | Aug 23rd 2006 – Vintage posters are always available at art auctions. I have found all kinds of vintage poster art auctions lately. I really liked a vintage poster I found that was from the 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam. Tags: Tv Cooking Programmes Drive A Surge Of Interest In Culinary Art Schools By: Anne Sprigpitt | Aug 6th 2006 – With the increase in number and popularity of television programmes focusing on cooking and culinary skills a large number of people are finding the internet a key place to find tips and information on culinary art schools. Over 53,000 people last month searched on the internet for information on �"’˜culin … Tags: Art Prints�"’"��finding The Best Value By: Ed Augustine | Jul 26th 2006 – You’re not in college anymore, and it’s time to take down the posters and replace them with original art. But, you don’t have the money yet for oils or watercolors. Art prints are an affordable alternative, yet they too can be pricey. How can you tell if that art print that’s caught your eye is more than just another pretty … Tags: Art – Make It Your Next Investment By: Robert Michael | Jul 25th 2006 – There are a lot of people who enjoy decorating with beautiful and original pieces of art. Some may think that they spent a fortune on it, but if the attended an art festival they nay have found a bargain. Attending an art festival to look for your next purchase of a piece of art is a great way to save money. … Tags: The Online Art Gallery: Gaining Momentum By: Shep Carlton | Jul 25th 2006 – The Internet has expanded our world in many ways. Today, through the use of an online art gallery, we can buy, or just enjoy, works of art. If we are good enough, we can even sell our art work. No one wants to be a starving artist, but can be hard for an up-and-coming artist to get enough people interested in … Tags: Collecting Mexican Folk Art 101 By: Sheila Hull-Summers | Jul 8th 2006 – I love Mexican folk art! Whenever possible, I try to buy it directly from the artisans who create it. The pieces that speak to me, I keep and add to my own collection. The others, I share with family and friends as gifts, or sell to other collectors and home decor aficionados. Many people collect museum quali … Tags: I’ve Learned To Love Teen Art By: Martin Stoleman | Jul 5th 2006 – I have loved art for as long as I can remember. As a child I spent hour after hour doing art projects of all kinds with my mother and my siblings. We would paint, practice sewing or create things out of clay for hours on end. I never knew that the amount of art projects we worked on was abnormal until I got a bit older and … Tags: You’ve Gotta Love Cat Art By: Hallidae Thomason | Jun 27th 2006 – As an artist, I have grown to appreciate all kinds of art. It took me studying art in college to really learn the fact that all people have different ideas of what art is and of what beauty is. I learned that I can value something as beautiful and that the next person might see it as strange or even lacking beauty. This is … Tags: Decorate For Less With Art Posters By: Rachael Cleipher | Jun 25th 2006 – If you are looking for great ways to decorate your home or office, then you know as well as I do that you have nearly countless options. There are so many ways to decorate that it can easily be very overwhelming to find the right things that are in the right budget. As an interior designer, I am often meeting with clients w … Tags: The Art Of Cleaning Art By: William Teleo | Jun 20th 2006 – Art is a part of life and for some, it is their way of life. Others usually consider art as a worthy investment. Regardless of how you see art, restoring and preserving art pieces are important techniques to maintain their value. Painting restoration is a serious matter; that is why most people prefer to have their painting … Tags: Art For Sale: Keep An Eye Out By: Martin Stoleman | Jun 18th 2006 – As an interior designer, I always have my eyes peeled for the latest and greatest things for decorating homes and office spaces. I have a knack for detail and a knack for making mis-matched things come together, so interior design is the perfect job for me. One of my favorite things to watch for and to encourage my clients … Tags: How To Boost Your Airbrush Art Business With Craft Fairs & The Internet By: Maxine Schel | Jun 16th 2006 – Airbrush art is a popular form of artistic expression in the world and it is also one of the most profitable. An artist is not just someone who picks up a pen or a paintbrush, but can also be someone who is capable of creating images through the use of airbrush art. Using a spraying device, art is created using an airbrush … Tags: Do I Dare To Call It Tattoo Art? By: Belina Storrey | Jun 11th 2006 – I have been an artist for as long as I can remember. In fact, I remember my kindergarden teacher sending home notes to my parents telling them how much I excelled in all areas connected with art. She told them that I had great potential to be a wonderful artist. So it was only natural when I decided to attend university to … Tags: What Are The Different Types Of Fine Art Reproduction? By: Candice Christie | Jun 8th 2006 – As well as hand painted fine art reproductions on canvas, there are several different mechanical methods of fine art reproduction "�" none however come close to accurately replicating the color and texture as hand painting does. Aquaprint: Is a printing process which uses color separation. The colors can be b … Tags: Only Use Original Art By: Triston Huntsmin | Jun 5th 2006 – As an architect, I sometimes get the chance to be a part of the process of people decorating their homes once they have been designed at built. Sometimes a client will invite me back to see the finished product of a house I’ve designed for them and then we will inevitably begin discussing different options for decorating th … Tags: Don’t Settle For Less Than Framed Art By: Analeese Burnabaker | Jun 2nd 2006 – Decorating your home should never be something that you take lightly or do with ease. Instead, decorating the special space that you call home should be a process that calls for care and attention to detail. One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing people be careless about planning and creating the atmospheres of their homes. … Tags: Decorate With Black And White Art By: Hallidae Thomason | Jun 2nd 2006 – As an interior designer, it is only natural that I love to give people counsel as they attempt to make decorating decisions for their homes and offices. I love nothing more than to spend an afternoon over tea discussing color options, themes and good fabrics for my friends. I recently met with a client and together we came … Tags: Decorate With Japanese Art By: Rachael Cleipher | May 31st 2006 – Decorating any home, apartment or office space is no easy task, especially if you have an eye for detail. It is even harder to decorate well when you realize how much it matters to decorate your space in ways that reflect you. I have recently been busy redecorating my office. It was very important for me that my office refl … Tags: The Modern Art Movements By: Breiana Cecil | May 16th 2006 – "What distinguishes modern art from the art of other ages is criticism." -Octavio Paz The Modern Art movements can be said to have begun in the mid 19th century. Up until this point, the artists of the world focused their artwork on realistic depictions of the world around them. They made their living … Tags: Visit An Art Gallery By: Analeese Burnabaker | Apr 20th 2006 – If you are looking for a way to spend a quiet afternoon doing something new, think about making a visit to a local art gallery. I think you will be glad you did for a lot of reasons. An art gallery is a great place to spend time and to learn. Think about all of the new things you can discover by taking the ti … Tags: Make Some Art Work Today By: Denton Krypps | Apr 20th 2006 – When decorating a home or office, many people turn to the most popular and expensive stores to find pieces of art work to add to their space. And while this is a great way to decorate and to support your local art industry, it can be costly and make your home or office look just like everyone elses. A solution: make some of … Tags: The Beauty Of Fine Art Tapestries By: Godfrey Bazalgette | Apr 18th 2006 – Looks at the growing appreciation of fine art tapestry wall hangings as a home decor option. Tags: Where And Why "�" The Smart Buy Art By: Trevor C Krueger | Apr 9th 2006 – Since the days when cavemen began drawing on the walls "�" everyone has, at some point, displayed art in their home. In the beginning it was probably something we painted ourselves at kindergarten, aged four and a half, for mum to proudly display on the fridge in the kitchen, developing in our teens to the picture of the gi … Tags: Mystical Abstract Art By: Tim Seaward | Mar 14th 2006 – When attempts have been made to describe a work of abstract art many people have used words like "feelings", "emotions", and "soul". I think these words are clues to what is actually happening within both the viewer and the artist. The world of art and the environment of the mystical go back a long way togeth … Tags: What Makes Art Valuable? By: Tim Seaward | Mar 7th 2006 – I read an amazing article by Grayson Perry entitled "How art appreciates – it’s a class act". In a nutshell he reckoned that art finds its true monetary value from what the experts say. But I can see something more from what he says. If a piece of art is to be labeled as having any "value" at all it is what i … Tags: Setting Up An Art Affiliate Site – Part 3 By: Jeremy Zongker | Feb 20th 2006 – The phrase "If you build it they will come" definitely does not pertain to websites. Getting visitors to your site is easy; doing it in a way that is profitable is very difficult and takes a lot of work. This is the most difficult and most critical phase to operating a profitable art affiliate site or any website for that m … Tags: Cooking As A Culinary Art By: Trevor Marshall | Feb 10th 2006 – Culinary arts is the art of cooking. Cooking is a way to prepare food that will be eaten or served to other people. The culinary arts is comprised of many categories – some of which are tools, methods, combination of spices and ingredients that adds flavour to the food. It normally needs the right measuremen … Tags: Why Bother With Art Colleges? By: Linda Emerson | Feb 9th 2006 – If you are pretty talented at art you might not even consider going to Art College. Why should you, anyway? You can draw like the masters: Boticelli, Michaelangeo, Da Vinci. There wasn"��t a landscape scene your brushes didn"��t like, and there wasn"��t any portrait you couldn"��t draw. You can sketch anything that exists! … Tags: Five Mistakes To Avoid When Buying An Art Reproduction Painting By: David De Groot | Jan 24th 2006 – Art reproductions make splendid investments if you enjoy fine art and want to stay within your budget. Hand-painted reproductions are painted on canvas by experienced artists, which makes them more comparable to the originals than printed copies. However, not all art reproductions are created equal. Before buying an art rep … Tags: Add Class To Your Office Decor With An Art Reproduction By: David De Groot | Jan 23rd 2006 – Office decor doesn’t have to be boring, or even all businesslike. You can spruce up your office walls with elegant oil paintings even if you’re on a tight budget. Art reproductions are beautiful works of art that are hand-painted by talented artists to capture the true colors and meanings of famous paintings from the past. … Tags: Creating An Art Affiliate Website By: Jeremy Zongker | Jan 12th 2006 – There is a huge market for art. Almost all people from any age or background will buy art and posters from time to time. By purchasing this art online consumers can save a lot of money over retail stores. Knowing all of this puts you in a great position to make a profit by directing consumer to this art without having to ma … Tags: What Is Abstract Art? One Artists Point Of View By: Tim Seaward | Jan 12th 2006 – So many people must be asking this question all the time … and not getting satifactory answers because I keep seeing articles on the subject. So, to add to the mix, I thought that, because I am an Abstract Artist, I would give my answer. First lets see what the official version has to say. Th … Tags: Abstract Art As Therapy By: Tim Seaward | Jan 4th 2006 – Abstract art is not just a mixture of colourful meaningless patterns and arbitrary shapes. There is, I believe, a definate therapeutic value to be found in most of the enigmatic marks made by the very different styles available today. What appears to be the most important decision to make is a very careful co … Tags: The Future Of Art – Investment Ideas By: Tim Seaward | Dec 31st 2005 – In order to look into the future we need only to look into the recent past. It is not only helpful to look at different trends as well, but I believe we will find that certain fashions have had varying degrees of mutual influence upon artistic endeavours. Current art trends are mirroring the ap … Tags: Different Styles And Forms To Abstract Art By: James Hunt | Dec 28th 2005 – Abstract art is known as art that is not an accurate representation of a form or object. What this means is that you will not see a definite shape or figure… Tags: Buying Paint For Your Workshop And Other Art Supplies By: James Hunt | Dec 23rd 2005 – If you"��re a painter or other type of artist you"��ll want to have your studio filled with all the art supplies that you need to create your art without running out of supplies… Tags: Tips For Choosing Framed Art As Gifts By: Charles Kassotis | Dec 14th 2005 – Why not give a framed photo, drawing, or art piece as a special present? Tags: What Is Digital Nail Art? By: Robert Geoghegan | Dec 13th 2005 – Digital nail art is a relatively new technical development. It enables the procedure of nail art to be performed by a computer and printer. This can be elaborated by stating that the whole world of colours and designs can now be painted onto a fingernail, or even toenail. Tags: A Comparison Of Art Prints And Reproductions: Learn The Difference By: David De Groot | Dec 11th 2005 – If you collect art or enjoy decorating your walls with paintings, you might be wondering what the difference is between art prints and oil painting reproductions. These terms are used interchangeably in the art world often, but they can differ greatly. Knowing the difference is important when you’re considering an art purch … Tags: 相关的主题文章: