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Travel-and-Leisure Can you really get cheap tickets to Disney World? Well, if you know where and when to look the answer is YES according to Beth Hayworth author of the best Disney savings guide on the web in my opinion! This is an invaluable resource for anyone considering a vacation to Disney World Florida with your family! The problem of course is working out just how much will it all cost? It is one thing to find a cheap flight to Orlando, or perhaps even to find a good deal on a holiday villa rental to save on the hotel bill, but what about all the little ‘extras’ that add up significantly and can end up ruining your holiday as well as blowing your budget if you are not careful! Most importantly you need cheap tickets to Disney. There are also many other nearby attractions where cheap tickets are possible and which are equally exciting (if not more so in my opinion) such as Sea World and Busch Gardens! There is a lot of conflicting advice out there, and especially on the web. Don’t believe the hype that there is no such thing as ‘cheap disney tickets’. Like everything in life, it is a case of supply and demand, and if you know WHEN and WHERE to look you can get tickets at least 50% less than others pay! Cosider TWO families, both having EXACTLY THE SAME VACATION, yet one family pays up to 50% LESS than the other family. Which family would you rather be! That is a huge saving! The fact is that most families considering this trip of a lifetime will get so carried away with the idea that they will typically do what everyone else does and book through their local travel agent without doing one ounce of research! Why would you do that these days when you’ve got the internet at your fingertips! Here are my top 5 tips to cheap disney tickets: 1. Get to know the different ticket types available! There are many .binations of Disney tickets! A good place to start is the Official Walt Disney Resort website. This site lists all the ticket types and the benefits attached to them. It is a good idea before you purchase to sit down as a family and really think about how many days and for how long over your stay you will visit the Magic Kingdom. Don’t be over ambitious, there are plenty of other attractions to get through, and you can always go back next year once you know how to get cheap Disney tickets! 2. Plan your trip well in advance of when you want to go! Like everything in life, if you plan it properly and in good time it will be a success! Many people end up paying well over the odds for their Disney tickets because they have left it too late to negotiate! There are plenty of agents out there as well as discount incentive deals for tickets – just do a search on the web to start with. If you are clever you can easily begin to play one off against the other, negotiating the price down further and further. This is especially true if they will also get a hotel booking out of you for the duration of your stay! 3. Be ‘in the know’ about Disney ticket upgrades They can be incredible and provide you and your family with an amazing Disney experience if it is what you are looking for, however, they can also be a costly mistake if you do not make the full use of them during your stay. Make sure you know exactly what you are getting with an upgrade and determine how you can make the most of the ticket you are getting BEFORE you arrive at Disney World! 4. Consider inspecting property or timeshare But only do this for your own curiosity and you could receive highly discounted offers to Disney and other nearby attractions, but this .es with a WARNING! Only do this if you are genuinely interested or curious and are strong willed enough to decline any hard sales pitch. It is also a good idea for someone to look after the kids for a morning or even the day so they are not bored and feel they have lost a day! 5. Know precisely who to actually buy your tickets from in the end! There are literally thousands of agents out there supposedly offering ‘Cheap Disney Tickets’ some have no clue whilst others are experts! You need to know who is who so again, the key to this is research! You can of course do this research yourself; like I have, but be warned, it takes time to gather the quality information! I have been researching this for over 6 months to gleam all the juicy info you really want to know! If you would rather have the shortcut to high quality ‘insider’ information you need to get hold of Beth Hayworth’s Disney savings e-book (see link below). There is a wealth of knowledge and ‘previous experience’ you can tap into with the right ‘insider’ information, if you know where to look. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: