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Apple intends to pay in Japan had used SONY near field communication technology – Tencent (Apple Pay) to pay Apple has entered into a number of countries and regions, but has not yet entered a huge mobile Internet market, japan. According to the Nikkei news Wednesday the latest reports, Apple will pay to enter the Japanese market, and Apple will also use the Sony Corp research and development of a non-contact communication technology in the Japanese mainstream, with a large number of compatible Japanese vending machines and other equipment trading. It is reported that SONY’s Felica network company has a close communication technology, the market has emerged a lot of support for Felica card reader and other devices. Apple will pay the team will cooperate in this business, Apple’s mobile phone may increase the support for Felica communications technology, so you can communicate with a variety of trading equipment. In this way, apple can be used to pay for a large number of Japanese support Felica technology convenience stores, vending machines and other equipment. September 7th, Apple will hold a new fall conference, launched iPhone 7 new phone. However, iPhone 7 will not immediately support the payment of the Japanese market, Apple may need to be launched next year. Apple also need to use Felica trading equipment retail companies, service providers to negotiate, in addition to the United States and other markets, Apple also requires commercial banks and other financial institutions to reach an agreement. It is reported that Apple plans to gradually popularize Apple’s payment in the Japanese market. The future in the Japanese market, apple paid users can train tickets stored in the mobile phone, after the gate at the train station, just waved a mobile phone can check through. In Japan, Apple will also be a member of the retail business card integration. Apple to pay into Japan, will lead to more retail companies and venues to deploy more receivables equipment. In addition, foreign visitors to Japan can also use Apple’s mobile phone to facilitate payment. So far, Apple has entered into many countries including the United States, Britain, China, etc.. Apple’s payment using the world’s more popular NFC near field communication protocol, can be achieved on a lot of NFC payment devices touch lightly payment. But in the Japanese market, NFC communication protocol is not the mainstream, so if you continue to use NFC, Apple will hinder the promotion of payment in japan. Despite the need to cooperate with SONY’s business, but Apple still has to enter the Japanese mobile Internet market as soon as possible. Third party statistics agency Kantar market shows that Japan is the world’s most love apple mobile phone, iOS mobile phone operating system in Japan’s market share is as high as 38%, more than the United States, Britain and other countries. According to foreign media reports at the end of August, Google (micro-blog)’s mobile payment products Android payment ", will also enter the Japanese market in the fall of cooperative financial institutions" Google will and Japan MITSUBISHI UFJ Financial Group ". By the Japanese operator NTT DoCoMo launched the i-Mode platform, Japan is the world’s first mobile Internet market in the country, Japan’s mobile payment applications are also ahead of other countries相关的主题文章: