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"Appeal to boys" exhibition in Wenzhou Qigong can rotate 360 degrees arm arm can rotate 360 degrees, right around the head turn around arm to touch the ear ""…… The day before yesterday, in the city of Wenzhou rope rope lane, a fruit shop before the emergence of such a "special function" of the young people, a time attracted onlookers, you see after all odd. Boy to Wenzhou show "soft Kung Fu", this young man named Zhang Yunheng, 20 years old this year, is Jiangsu Pizhou people. He was about 1.75 meters tall. He looked a little thin and had a childish face. His father, Zhang Xiyong, has been in Wenzhou for many years and is now opening a fruit shop. Zhang Yunheng came to Wenzhou at the beginning of this year. The day before yesterday at 4 pm, Zhang Yunheng louliaoyishou "appeal" in front of their fruit shop, suddenly attracted many passers-by onlookers and the surrounding residents, thus his fame has spread. Zhang Yunheng also made a show of his "special features", but he raised his hands, like a twisted like the back, hands behind the back. Then, pull back again, hands around the neck around the circle, even touched his lips, and then force can also touch the earlobe. Zhang Yunheng said, he will this action is called the "Buddha hands" and "hold hands lip". Subsequently, he also displayed the "inner" and "outer bending" action. And what’s most surprising is that both his arms and wrists can be turned 360 degrees. When his arm rotated 360 degrees, he held his hand on the ground, then rotated in place and rotated 360 degrees. The citizens were dumbfounded, and some citizens felt that they might be able to do so, and they gave up their arms only halfway. His 7 year achievement "skills" Zhang Yunheng admitted that his "soft skills", is not what specific functions, but worked hard for 7 years to do. "At the age of 13, I saw a video, a foreign girl performing soft, especially the soft body bone, the waist can be bent to the ordinary people can not bend to the point, I was attracted." Zhang Yunheng said that after watching the video, he wanted to try to be as flexible as the girl. "I found that my shoulders, knees and so on were more flexible, and seemed more flexible than the people around me." Zhang Yunheng was very surprised, and then began to find videos online, followed by practice. Zhang Yunheng said that he had wanted to find a teacher to learn soft power, but could not find such a teacher had to self-study. Every time he practiced a new trick, he would call friends and show them. A few friends took the opportunity to shoot video and upload to the network, therefore, Zhang Yunheng in Pizhou local also gradually become famous, known as "soft boy". Whenever Zhang Yunheng’s performance was in full swing, his mother went back. She said, "I never dared to look at it, and I loved my child very much. He had dislocated his shoulder for 3 times because of practice." Speaking of practicing dislocation, Zhang Yunheng said, "I remember the most clearly when it was performed.". The head is played, the right shoulder is dislocated, how can’t reset, the feeling will hit. Had to endure the pain, born to break the dislocation of the joints hard to break back." In this regard, father Zhang Xiyong said, at first,.

“软功男孩”来温州展奇功 胳膊竟然能扭转360度 胳膊能扭转360度,右手围着脑袋扭转能“绕臂摸耳”……前天,在温州市区打绳巷一水果店门前出现了这样一名具有“特异功能”的小伙子,一时间引来了众人围观,大家看后无不称奇。小伙来温州展现“软功夫”这名小伙子名叫张允恒,今年20岁,是江苏邳州人。他身高1.75米左右,看上去身材有些瘦,脸上带有几分稚气。他的父亲张希永来温州已有多年,如今在这里开了一家水果店。张允恒是今年年初来到温州。前天下午4时许,张允恒在自家水果店门口露了一手“软功”,顿时便吸引了不少路人和周边住户围观,由此他的“名声”也就传开了。张允恒也展示了一下自己这一“特异功能”,只见他双手举起,像拧麻花似的往后一靠,双手在背后合十。随后,又用力往后一拉,双手围着脖子绕了一圈后竟然摸到了自己的嘴唇,再一用力还能摸到耳垂。张允恒说,他将这一动作取名为“双手拜佛”和“双手抱唇”。随后,他又展示了“内弯”、“外弯”等动作。而最令人惊讶的是,他的胳膊和手腕竟然都能扭转360度。在表演胳膊旋转360度时,只见他将手撑在地上,而后原地旋转,旋转了360度。在场的市民看得目瞪口呆,有几位市民觉得自己或许也能,便试了一下,结果手臂只转到一半便放弃了。苦练7年成就的“绝活”张允恒坦言,他的软功“绝活”,并非什么特异功能,而是苦练了7年才练成的。“13岁那年,我看到一个视频,一个国外女孩在表演软功,身子骨特别软,腰部可以弯到常人无法弯到的角度,我一下子被吸引住了。”张允恒说,他看了这个视频后,就很想试试自己是否也能像那个女孩那样灵活。“我发现我的肩关节、膝关节等都比较灵活,比我身边的人似乎要灵活许多。”张允恒感到分外惊喜,从此开始在网上寻找视频跟着练习。张允恒说,他也曾想过找老师学习软功,但都因找不到这样的老师,就只好自学。每当练成了新“招数”,他便会喊来朋友,表演给他们看。几名朋友趁机拍下了视频并上传到网络,因此,张允恒在邳州当地也逐渐变得小有名气,被人称为“软功男孩”。每当张允恒表演的热火朝天时,他的母亲却背过身去。她说:“我从来不敢看,而且很心疼孩子,他曾经3次因为练习使肩关节脱臼。”说起练功脱臼,张允恒说:“我记得最清楚的是在表演时那次。这头正表演着,那头右肩关节脱臼了,怎么都没办法复位,感觉就要演砸了。只好忍着剧痛,愣生生将脱臼的关节硬掰回来。”对此,父亲张希永说,起初,他们并不支持儿子练习“软功”,生怕儿子练功再度受伤。为此,他们还曾带儿子去过医院作检查,没想到结果显示均为正常,这才有些放心下来。后来看到儿子一再坚持,也就由他了。欲挑战吉尼斯世界纪录张允恒说,这七年来,他从没有间断过练习,多则每天一次,少则每周两三次。为了保持良好的表演状态,他除了要把体重控制在110公斤上下,还得保持体能。每天,他都会去跑步、做俯卧撑等。来到温州后,他便经常在水果店门口练习软功,去市区瓯江路跑步,由此也引来了不少人围观。今年5月,他还受到过湖南卫视都市频道的邀请,在街头展示软功技艺。还受邀过在山东卫视《快乐向前冲》、江苏卫视一展软功技艺。但张允恒似乎并不满足,为了让自己的软功更具有表演性,他正尝试着将机械舞和软功结合起来。说起未来的打算,他说,如果有机会的话,还可能会报名挑战吉尼斯世界纪录。相关的主题文章: