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Personal-Tech AA batteries are also known as "double A" batteries. These batteries are basically dry cell batteries and are .monly used in portable electronic devices. Since its inception ANSI (American National Standards Institution) standardized this battery design in 1947. The main characteristic of "AA" batteries is they are .posed of a single electrochemical cell. Since the intervention of ANSI there are a bunch of standards that battery manufacturers must follow: AA batteries should not measure more than 51mm in length and 13.514.5mm in diameter. AA batteries should not exceed 23g in weight for standard non-rechargeable batteries and 31g in weight for rechargeable batteries. The standard operating voltage for standard non-rechargeable AA batteries is 1.5 volts and for rechargeable batteries is 1.2 volts. This is understood as rechargeable batteries are designed to last a life time. AA batteries are available in more than one type namely: The LR6 (alkaline), R6 (carbon-zinc), KR157/51 (nickel-cadmium), HR6 (nickel-metal-hydride), and FR6 (lithium-iron-disulphide). Out of these the LR6 (alkaline), R6 (carbon-zinc) and FR6 (lithium-iron-disulphide) are standard non-rechargeable AA batteries or they are also known as dry cell batteries and the KR157/51 (nickel-cadmium) and HR6 (nickel-metal-hydride) are rechargeable AA batteries. The most popular standard non-rechargeable AA batteries used today are lithium batteries. The reason for this is these batteries .pensate their costs by longer running time between changes for the battery. The most popular rechargeable AA batteries used today are Ni-MH (Nickel Metal Hydride) batteries. The cause for this is that Ni-MH contains a higher energy density and produces a better energy yield. AA batteries have found a wide application in consumer electronics and they also satisfy energy demands, which is what the consumer looks for. Since these batteries produce 1.5 volts they are designed for products with high energy requirements. AA batteries are a good solution for power hungry devices. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: