A thief in Hangzhou after committing the crime of drinking trouble also dare to call 110 complaints-aizi

A thief in Hangzhou after committing the crime of drinking trouble also dare to call 110 complaints drink to the guard booth he dialed 110 complaints. In the early morning of November 14th, Hangzhou Wangjiang police station received a strange alarm, a man in the phone said he would go to the patrol box to drink, was refused by the patrol team members, complaints patrol team attitude is not good. After the police to the scene, found that the man drunk, suspected of drunk trouble, it will be brought back to the police station for restraint sober. To the police investigation, found that he is Wangjiang police station "regulars", surnamed Kim, 41 years old, Jiangxi people. Kim is a well-known "Xiao Gang" in Wangjiang area". From the whole police station to the retired old police officers, the new comrades who have just joined the police force all know this person. Drunkenness, tricky, eat meals overlord, dare and police "pengci". I went to the detention center, and I was in jail, and this Kim didn’t know how many times he had been dealt with. He was surprised when he got involved in a bicycle theft case in November 12th. But the police station perennial and dealing with Kim, the police handling of the process and evidence points early Shumenshulu, "play all sorts of sophistry, deny, with unreasonable demands" are his usual means. At the same time, Kim after committing the crime stolen goods quickly, and because he often involved theft of property value is not high, many of the victims have given up the report, which makes him again and again to escape legal sanctions. No evidence, Kim also admit dead, police Zhang heart made a difficult, at this time can be a gold in the noses of the police "stately" escape. The police Zhang repeatedly stressed at the scene monitoring before and after the incident, the suspect returned home monitoring and along the track, a road track, at an abandoned railway station on the edge of the house found a gold residence, wearing clothes when the crime and crime tools found in his home. Justice evidence. The face of police for investigation of perseverance fifteen hours, cunning Kim finally executed. According to the investigation, the police subsequently verified the illegal cases of theft, and more than ten crimes happened within a year, and stole bicycles. At present, Kim has been arrested on the city public security.

杭州一惯偷作案后喝酒滋事 还敢拨打110投诉 喝酒喝到巡防岗亭 他还拨打了110投诉。11月14日凌晨,杭州望江派出所接到一起蹊跷的报警,电话里一位男子说自己要到巡防岗亭里喝酒被巡防队员拒绝,投诉巡防队员态度不好。民警到现场后发现该男子醉醺醺的,有酒后滋事的嫌疑,便将其带回派出所进行约束性醒酒。到所里民警一查,发现他是望江派出所的“常客”,姓金,41岁,江西人。金某是望江地区出了名的“小混混”。整个派出所上至即将退休的老民警,下至刚参加警队的新同志都知道此人。酒后闹事,偷奸耍滑,吃“霸王餐”,还敢和民警“碰瓷”。进过拘留所,蹲过监狱,这个金某不知道被处理过了多少次。惊讶的是这次他涉嫌11月12日的一起盗窃自行车案件。可是常年和派出所打交道的金某,对民警办案的过程和取证要点早就熟门熟路,“耍泼抵赖,百般狡辩,胡搅蛮缠”这些都是他惯用的手段。同时,金某作案后销赃速度很快,又因为他盗窃的财物往往涉案价值不高,许多受害人自己都放弃了报案,这才使他一次次逃过了法律的制裁。没有物证,金某又死不认账,民警小张心中犯了难,眼看这一次金某又可以在民警的眼皮底下“堂而皇之”地逃脱。民警小张反复调看案发前后的现场监控,并沿着监控上嫌疑人返回住地的轨迹,一路实地追踪,终于在一处已经废弃的铁路货运站边的民房里找到了金某的住所,在其住所找到了作案时穿着的衣服和作案工具。法网恢恢,铁证如山。面对民警长达十五个小时锲而不舍的侦查取证,狡猾的金某最终伏法。根据调查,民警随后还查证了金某多起盗窃的违法事实,短短一年内竟作案十余起,而且专偷自行车。目前金某已经被上城公安行拘。相关的主题文章: