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A liar even 3 months by telephone trust cheated elderly 200 thousand original title: in order to get the trust a liar hit three consecutive months of phone cheated elderly 200 thousand Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Chen Shixian Intern Liu Minxin reported how often hope pigeon Changsha learned that 70 year old Liu Pingfen (a pseudonym) with a maturity of three months after the financial products, a step by step the next set, continue to be linked with her phone, until the maturity of financial products, Liu Pingfen will be 200 thousand yuan in the bank card according to the requirements of online banking fraud, are still not aware of their victims. Until you see the last 20 yuan account, Liu Pingfen was aware of being cheated. "I’m stupid, I’m stupid……" 70 year old Liu Pingfen muttered. In August 30th, when Liu Pingfen brought to the Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter he suffered when the voice broke, "they called me, said to economic major, gave me my ID card, let me say that with their own elution charges……" First: a "plan" out of thin air phone out "economic major" widow Liu Pingfen, usually one person living at home, only the weekend is free with his son and daughter grandson came to visit her. Liu Pingfen said, because the home is often a person of her son told her mobile phone, strange phone do not answer, but ignore the plane. "It’s like a nightmare, everything starts with it."." Liu Pingfen recalls. The morning of May 29th, the plane suddenly sounded, Liu Pingfen after receiving a call, the person claiming the Bureau staff said, "I was not asked the owner, said a delinquent". Liu Pingfen felt strange and immediately refuted. The other said that the phone calls and a number of Shenzhen is generated, it is best to report to the local police in Shenzhen, and that can help transfer. Immediately, a police station claiming to Shenzhen Longgang District police. Liu Pingfen feels normal. Suddenly the other party asked her identity card, and said, "you have a case here". Liu Pingfen some nervous, she explained to each other, he has never been to Longgang, there is no friend. The voice of the other party seriously, "if you do not believe me, you can contact with judge zhang." Subsequently, the police will be transferred to the phone". "Zhang told Liu Pingfen," the Shenzhen police investigation together with the economic case, found a man named "Tao Lin" suspects, a sum of 400 thousand yuan remittances into Liu Pingfen’s account. Liu Pingfen hopes to cooperate with the police investigation. Because of its alleged bribery, bank accounts need to be kept frozen. Subsequently, "Zhang" and let Liu Pingfen contact before a police, in the subsequent exchange, "police" to Liu Pingfen’s mobile phone number, sent a photo of Liu Pingfen, to enlarge the picture on the screen, the identity information is exactly the same picture information with their photos, but also as like as two peas. After seeing these, Liu Pingfen’s doubts gradually dissipated, but I do not know why I was implicated in a nameless economic case, more afraid and nervous. Second: the three consecutive month turn from a guest into a host told "protect financial products" and "police" on the phone repeatedly told, dialogue camp相关的主题文章: