96 Russian tanks in the 3 artillery in Russia on the China Miss exposure team is too harsh dataload

96 Russian tanks in 3 guns in Miss exposure: Russia to China team too harsh competition of 96 main battle tanks. (map) CCTV documentary "broadcast" China "military forces to take part in the international military tournament record (four)", revealed the specific reasons for our army tanks first match three guns in. The China team comes equipped to Russia contest, after thousands of kilometers of transportation, elevation of temperature changes are large, tanks need to recalibrate ballistic. But the Russian side this year before the game can only use 3 rounds of artillery calibration, this number is not enough, so it led to the emergence of the game is not the case in three. Then the soldiers through the summary or overcome the unfavorable factors, and achieved good results. While the other group used T-72 relatively is the home court advantage. Video capture. The tanks had training environment and the venue is too large and the fire control system according to the pressure and temperature calibration calculation of ballistic firing again, after all, far target at 2 km, any subtle effects will lead to deviation of shells. But this year, Russia provided before the game can only use 3 rounds of contest of remote calibration, the Chinese tank is adverse, so the first battle did not play prior to the 96 tank shooting the advantage of high precision, we make some accidents. Chinese debut three tanks in LED soldiers to decompression, said the cause of the failure did not warrior. Then we analyze the reasons for finding solutions.相关的主题文章: