8 strong push to buy 6 shares extremely undervalued htc802w

8 strong push to buy 6 shares of the country’s most undervalued new energy: the whole industry chain layout to open up new growth points earnings forecasts and investment rating: the company expects 2016-2018 EPS $0.59, $0.84, $0.70. Corresponding 2016 -2018 PE were 19.81, 16.52, 13.90 times, to maintain overweight rating. The company is a regional gas leader, with considerable monopoly advantage. In China’s natural gas price reform, the overall price of gas down, the policy encourages the consumption of natural gas to improve the proportion of primary energy consumption in the background, optimistic about the company’s long-term benefit from the growth in demand for downstream gas. Sealand securities China heavy: a large group of small state-owned company reform is worth looking forward to investment advice: the company expects 20161718 years 0.72 yuan (0.62 EPS to 0.51 EPS in 2015 to 0.42 yuan). The current price of 12.75 yuan, corresponding to 20161718 times 252018 times PE. Considering the performance of the company and valuations are at historic lows, the heavy truck industry boom up, the company a reasonable valuation of 20 times 2017 PE. Consider the company is a large group of small companies, SOE reform is expected to enhance the company’s valuation, giving the company a 20% valuation premium. For the first time to overweight rating, target price of 15.5 yuan. Soochow securities Shanghai Xinhu Zhongbao change adds a sub Internet financial holding continued to promote the rating and suggestions on Investment: cut earnings forecast and target price: 5 yuan, to maintain overweight rating. The company has a sharp drop in the first half of the performance, although the late settlement company project is expected to achieve normalization, thus driving the company’s performance rebounded, taking into account the actual situation of the company and the industry cycle, we are still cautious about the company’s future profitability, on the other hand, we are optimistic about the company’s second city layout and continuous Internet industry holding time overweight, if we cut our 16-18 EPS: 0.20 0.24 0.25 yuan (original 16-18 forecast EPS:0.25 0.30 0.38 yuan), with reference to comparable companies give 16 years 25 times PE, the corresponding price of 5 yuan, to maintain overweight rating. Shenwan Hong satellite Petrochemical: PDH in the whole industry chain carrier high cycle equity incentive plan highlights performance confidence in the company form and benefit from the PDH high degree of prosperity; PP production is expected to thickening performance; the bottom recovery performance of acrylic acid and ester formation potential safety pad; SAP laying the foundation for future growth; the extension strategy is expected to continue to force, the share price upside down highlight the high margin of safety; equity incentive to highlight the performance of confidence. State Securities: Bianco biological tumor treatment platform overweight rich precise medical products line investment advice: continue to firmly optimistic about the company in the field of precision medical forward-looking strategic layout management and strong execution, and constantly consolidate the leading position of precision medical (CAR-T CAR-NK cell therapy leader Kyrgyzstan + forensic DNA testing Berson leading German American League +PD-1 at the same time, antibody product line) star product growth hormone to maintain more than 35% growth, to maintain highly recommended rating. Consider the Sino German joint and the form of coupons相关的主题文章: