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UnCategorized Google’s new algorithm puts even more emphasis on site authority and content. So it’s even more important than ever to have high quality blog posts, articles, and information on your website in order to earn a decent search engine position. But .ing up with new and unique ideas for quality content can sometimes be difficult. If you’re struggling to .e up with content for your own site, here are a few suggestions you might want to try: 1.Q and A with an expert. Generate a list of questions that your target audience might ask, then find an industry expert that you can interview for the answers. If the answers are lengthy, you can split them into individual articles or posts. If the answers are short and sweet, .pile them into an interview-style article. 2.Downloadable how-to guides. If you want your how-to guide to drive traffic, the best way to present it is as a regular HTML web page. You can offer an optional PDF download of the same guide for the convenience of your site visitors. Google does crawl PDF documents, as long as they are formatted correctly, but many web searchers are reluctant to click on links to PDFs from within the search engine results pages. 3.Survey data and statistics. This is such an easy way to add content to your website. You don’t even need to conduct the survey yourself; you can simply report on the results of other industry surveys that have already been done. 4.Customer before and after stories. People love to read stories and people love to tell stories. Ask a few of your best customers to explain what their lives were like before hiring you or buying your product, and then describe what their lives are like now. You can create a brief questionnaire to make this process easier. 5.Product reviews. Product reviews are hot right now, and they’re a sure way to drive traffic to your website. You don’t have to limit yourself to reviews of products that you sell. Why not include additional products that you don’t carry but your target audience would be interested in? 6."On this date" feature. Why not collect historical facts and interesting tidbits of information that have happened in or around your industry? If you have a hard time finding enough information to write an entire article, you can use the data to segue into an article about current events. 7.One-minute tips. Quick tips are a great source of website content because they are easy to write and easy to read. Your audience will appreciate learning something quickly, and you can write a whole bunch of tips at one time and set them to be automatically published on different dates. 8.Customer questions. Ask your clients, your blog readers and your newsletter subscribers to submit their burning questions about your topic and answer them in an article on your website. Remember, whenever you add content to your website, always think in terms of quality. With quality content .es quality inbound links, quality subscribers, quality joint venture partners, and quality clients. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: