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THE MAIN INTRODUCER OF PSYCHOANALYSIS IN THE STATE OF SAO PAULO Dr. Franco da Rocha Dr. Wagner Paulon 2002 – 2010 The Brazilian Council of Regional Psychoanalysis of So Paulo pays homage to the Principal Introducer of Psychoanalysis in the State of So Paulo, Dr. Franco da Rocha. Dr. Franco da Rocha, Psychoanalyst musician, writer, ornithologist specialist (Tico Tico), a Brazilian born in the city of Amparo to August 23, 1864 and died on 8 November 1933, pioneered the use of Laborterapica and was vital for the introduction of psychoanalysis in the State of So Paulo. Son of Dr. Joaquim Jos Franco da Rocha and Maria Isabel Galvao Bueno Franco da Rocha, completed the Graduate School of Medicine in Rio de Janeiro and a Ph.D. from the University of So Paulo Teixeira Brando disciple of psychopathology, began his career of worrying about medical treatment of the mentally ill. Dr. Franco da Rocha, pioneered the use of Laborterapica, a type of treatment that did not hurt the dignity of patients, with the aid of such works as the maintenance of gardens and orchards other crafts, and to develop this type of treatment , helped found an orphanage Cologne. Franco da Rocha lived 69 years and built a personal career high in all directions. Dr. Franco da Rocha, married Leopoldina Lorena Ferreira Franco da Rocha. He spent much of his life living in Juquery where he created six children and developed his interest in ornithology. Dr. Franco da Rocha, his life was devoted to the Hospice of Juqueri. He participated in the choice of site, planned its structure and dedicated his life in the care of patients and building a team that was instrumental in the development of psychiatry in So Paulo. His life on the totality of his existence is tied to the concept of neighbor love, charity and detachment to material things. Dr. Franco da Rocha said: "It is in giving that we receive" and these words are famous for being from St. Francis of Assisi. His direct and honest way of dealing with patients and colleagues, as well as his strength of character and tenacity in achieving their goals. Dr. Franco da Rocha, was insane by a deep tenderness, a limited patience, a huge amount of sympathy and pity. And always said: "I have to deploy my activity for the benefit of the unfortunate who need comfort." Paranhos said Ulysses, "his voice is velvety, the way earned parental attitudes, their gestures were mild, their questions came, like arrows in juice drinks in poppies, the heart of the disinherited of reason. And the miracle was taking place. The patient gave way to the prestige of candor, the rule of kindness and gentle heart ace orders, began to calm down, to sell, to humanize themselves. " Dr. Franco da Rocha, was the first Director of Hospital Asylum opened in Cologne (1898). The unit began to be built (1895), with the project architect Ramos de Azevedo, an area of 150 hectares, with an initial capacity of 800 beds, in a land outside the railway line near the station Juqueri. This space was inaugurated with the name of Cologne Hospital Asylum (1898), but completed only six years later. Today is called Juqueri Psychiatric Hospital in Vila Juqueri current city of Rochester, a name given to the county in his honor (Decree Law 6693 of 21.09.1934). The direction was given to the great psychoanalyst who has lived on site with family there and raised her six children with his wife Leopoldina Lorena Ferreira Franco da Rocha. Dr. Franco da Rocha, at the turn of the century the ideas of Freud and began his psychoanalytic studies themselves, and also gained prominence in academic careers. Dr. Franco da Rocha, was the first Professor of Neuropsychiatry, Faculty of Medicine of So Paulo (1918-1923). In the lecture, he discussed the ideas of Freud, but this field was only a scholar without practice it professionally. Dr. Franco da Rocha, retired from the position of Director of Hospice Juqueri (1923), at 58 years of age, and years later, at the initiative of students and friends, was raised a Master herm bust in the chest, back and shoulders are cut by vertical planes, in bronze, in the lobby of the hospital (1928). Dr. Franco da Rocha, has authored an extensive bibliography found in the Brazilian Bibliographic Index of Psychiatry, died in Sao Paulo, as a result of emphysema, at 69 years of age, on November 8, 1933. Bibliography of Dr. Franco da Rocha found in Brazilian Bibliographic Index of Psychiatry: Franco da Rocha, Francisco. Alcoholism and madness. Soc Med Surgery-From Rio De Janeiro Conference. 1918; August. Franco da Rocha, Francisco. Asylum-colony alienated from Juqueri. Arq Criminology and Forensic Psychiatry Med, Buenos Aires. 1902. Franco da Rocha, Francisco. 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From Neuriatria and Psychiatry. 1924, 20 (1): 1-22 About the Author: Psychoanalyst and Master in the Psychopathology (Escola Paulista) in SP-BREZIL; Full orthodox psychoanalytic training and Didactic Analysis on the Psychoanalytical; Clinical Psychologist at (Saint Meinrad College) in USA; Educator at (FEC-ABC) in SP-BREZIL; MBA (University Abet) in USA; Specialization Course on Drugs (USP) in So Paulo, BREZIL; Associate Professor of Brazilian Universities and Colleges; Exercise Clinical and Educational Activities for more than Thirty-Five Years; Member of several International Scientific Societies; Member of the Brazilian Red Cross – Branch State of Sao Paulo; Member of International Organization "Doctors Without Borders and Current Director of the Psychoanalytic Center of Ubatuba-SP. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Medicine 相关的主题文章: