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Games 14 October 2011, and China’s vast wower memorial day. Although have AFK, or to publish an article on this memorial day and special, a memorial to leave the world of warcraft day. World of warcraft really is very large, as to have DuoDa, really not describe. Can stick to the operation to now, and DuoCi ranked the world’s first online, is enough to prove his well. In fact this is nonsense, blizzard produced, must belong to the .petitive products, we all understand. Think carefully actually learn from now, also can saying is from contact with the .puter to now, basically have been playing a game of the blizzard. Starcraft, diablo, warcraft, world of warcraft, are the blizzard. Although blizzard games in mainland China listed are always going to be passed through the department’s obstinate obstruction, total and player meet slowly; Although often modified version .e to .ply with the state’s "standard", although in China can’t find good agent, let many players angry unceasingly, but still don’t reduce our players to their love. I say to the world of warcraft is very fond of, although now have AFK. Network game has many, many of the listed in recent years has been beyond the online world of warcraft graphics, but China’s online development .pany always out of the waste game mode and to make money for basic purpose of game development and operation, don’t say I don’t patriotic, worshipping foreign powers, everyone is obvious. I dare not the greatest talkers said blizzard entertainment not to earn money, but he developed any game to let players will be happy for the purpose, not too many charges. Think about it once listed on China tower of eternal, once threaten to go beyond the world of warcraft game kimchi, is very feel sad. World of warcraft in China operation so DuoNian, own also played for a long time, always have a lot of emotion. Dark months four years and storm the cliffs more than 1 year, playing the countless copy, week activities from an ordinary players to grow to a RL. These days, is difficult to forget. Vaguely remember the battle with the crazy nannan the death of mine, my first copy. In order to cruel barb againand again, to a set of di phillips and consuming fighting. Vaguely remember in the promise of root? Red fight, and again destroy group. O remember ray in my way and I care before the university entrance exam for, remember, all kinds of kun, remember in the small sweet NaLiSi tower, night roar month, gai to help a Lord, in team mode on the team do task, again and again under the legendary super treasure, Myra meal. In fact, mara trip I’ve always thought is the devine "engagement". And on the night roar together played a vacation Myra meal, didn’t know that he and I at the… … Tragedy in the extreme. I love to world of warcraft has many aspects, huge story background, interesting task, DuoZhong diversity of the copy, and so on and so on. But the main point, is doing the task to upgrade, copy and RAID in the team players accumulate out between feelings. In the process of upgrading always have many tasks need team-up to finish, team-up is much, dozens more copies, for a long time and a lot of friends. Many brick house that beast said network is virtual, online friends is virtual, even running away from a warcraft, cherish health slogan. And I just want to their words do a .ment on: have no dozen over the world of warcraft, like hell of speech. Our world, we understand, our feelings, we understand. We are the reality of friends, grew up playing a friend, we in warcraft is also .rades in arms. We are the warcraft ally, together with the experienced countless task, RAID .rades, we in the real also friends! It can also be in know in WOW, are now friends. Although we in different cities, although we can only use cell phones and the Internet connection, although we may long will contact, but we can’t forget that each other, not forget the days of being, not forget joyful time. And as for those good example, black G black equipment friend, there is a very good, the leopard cannot change its spots. In real life is what kind of person, in the game is what kind of person, in the popular game, do some black G black equipment business, it is not difficult to see how your manner, didn’t even deserve to play the game, not worthy to live in this .munity. I despise the mob!!!!! This summer vacation home, and many old friends playing together, talked about a lot of things, when asked to see progress under recent how don’t play WOW, Yin said: play alone is boring, original want to go to your server and .pare the results you also AFK……. He said this was actually listened, my in the mind a little un.fortable. Yes, the game itself on our attract far less than we each other’s feelings, and this feeling, will only occur in such a game like WOW!!!!! AFK has been for days, beginning do feel less what, but gradually discovered, actually what also have no lack. Ray still will call, I chat; HangYang still with me kill three kingdoms, DotA; Brain damage still brain damage… We are still in contact, still in laughter, still in’s entertainment, friends have been together. WOW is one of our platform, exchange platform of entertainment, without this platform, we still fun together!!!!! The article is very short, it wrote a long, long time. From October 14 open new version began writing, but it has not finished. Not I don’t want to write, it really is not know this how to write, literary grace is limited, can’t perfect expression. We to the special late TBC, forgot to open WLK, until now and the world simultaneously, and oneself again AFK, really not write inner feelings. Until that day and kill pig goldsmith together chat, would be a "inspiration". Still want to thank the netease, let us and the world simultaneously. Ah, or soon will diablo iii’s listing, etc. The N years, I don’t want to wait until 2012, let you play on your earlier. The article source gobuytera.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: