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Anger-Management Relationships are meant to add value to our life and make it better. An abusive relationship can strip off our happiness, mental peace and not only affects our lives, but also that of other’s who are closely associated with us like children or parents. Abuse in a relationship can be in any form – physical, emotional or sexual. Physical abuse refers to hurting the other person physically by hitting, thrashing, punching or any such form of violence. Emotional abuse refers to threats, blackmailing, betrayal, neglect, humiliation, bullying etc. This kind of violence, though difficult to realize, can really hurt and leave scars on the mind for a longer time than physical abuse. Forcing someone in any type of sexual activity is known as sexual abuse. Be it any kind or any level of abuse, it can never be right to be in an relationship. The first step for getting out of such a relationship is to realize your own worth. You need to realize that you too deserve respect and this is the right time to take a firm decision to move on. No one has the right to harm you physically and emotionally. You have the right to live your life the way you want to. Anyone trying to control you in any aspect of life like, the way you dress, who you talk to or hang out with is not acceptable. Asking all the time where you are, who you are with under the guise of showing concern, jealous and angry if you want to spend time with your family or friends, are also considered to be abuse. When you try to confront such abuse, your partner may try to harm himself or herself or if you want to get out of the abusive relationship , he or she may try to manipulate the situation to make you feel you are to be blamed. Remember, these are also .mon forms of abuse. As for sexual abuse, trust your instincts. You must have heard that if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Any kind of physical advantages that make you un.fortable is not acceptable and may be a form of sexual abuse. You should immediately confront such abuse. Assault is illegal and should not be tolerated at any form. Many a time, an abused person feels that it’s all their fault or believe that there is no way out. There always is a way out. First, you could try to make the relationship better and try to help your abusing partner out with some professional help like counseling etc. But, if the same continues, it’s high time that you call for help. Take the help of a close friend or relative and do not shun away from taking the help of the police whenever you think the situation has gone out of control. Stand up for yourself. You deserve a better life and have the right to fight for it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: