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Finance The lifeblood of almost any company is the relationship they have between themselves and their clients, and in these ever more trying times as lots of businesses are finding it difficult to keep afloat, it is important that you utilize debt collection procedures which, if at all possible, don’t damage your previous relationship with your clients. It is possible to spend several years building up a great working relationship with your customers, only to have it vanish because of poor debt collection techniques if the going gets a little rough. One thing you need to bear in mind is there are several reasons for not paying bad debts, and, especially if your client has formerly continually settled on time, this is most likely a small part of the overall issue for making ends meet. Though it is important not to appear as a ‘soft touch’ and finding yourself at the bottom of the pile with regards to making repayments, it is also vitally important to treat your client with respect at all times, they are probably going through a very hard time, just as your company may be also feeling the pinch. It is crucial you have straightforward debt collection procedures in position, from the very beginning. Do not allow too much time to elapse before reminding your client about delinquent charges. This could be by means of a very considerate reminder notice, mailed when the unpaid invoice is about 1 month past due. A very courteous and basic reminder is often all that is necessary, welcoming them to make contact with your business with any questions or problems concerning the unpaid amount, as appropriate. A few days after the reminder letter is sent, the next measure in your debt collection process should be to follow up with a telephone call. If the person you need to speak to is unavailable, leave a message along with your contact details and your name, never speak to anybody else about the topic of the telephone call, it is important to keep it between you and your direct contact at this time. If you are able to talk to the right individual, keep your dialogue considerate and casual. Use this dialogue as a way to discover whether there are any issues with the goods or services your company furnished, and if there are no complications in that area ask when the past due bill can be settled. Explain to your client that you’ll make a notice of the payment date, thank them for their time and leave it at that for the moment. If, after this phone call, the repayment is still not made, then the next thing in your debt collection procedure should be to telephone again, a short time following the past payment date which was originally promised. You’ll still need to be warm and friendly and simply say the payment has not yet been received, was it sent? It might be beneficial at this time to mention that your business (if they do!) can take payment by credit card over the phone, and often this can be sufficient to stimulate a repayment or at best part payment of the unpaid amount there and then. Unfortunately, should the debt continues to remain delinquent, it might be necessary to withhold any future business dealing with the customer till it has been satisfied. It might be economically feasible to use the services of a debt collection agency to continue with your debt collection procedures. A professional agency has lots of knowledge and experience in these kinds of matters, and can be very inexpensive if your original strategies haven’t been successful. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: