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Health Have you ever been in the situation where you are having a delivery or haveing work done on your home and want to make sure you keep your carpets clean ? Reusable overshoes are the answer ! Overshoes are designed to slip over your shoes thus making it very easy to use and very simple to take off once finished and the beauty of reusable overshoes is that they can be used over and over again saving the user a fortune and best of all they have a full non slip sole which is very important for the user and the person giving out the overshoe as it stops slips whilst using the overshoe. Having dealt with hundreds of house builders,delivery men and general public users it has be. apparent that there has been major problems with delivery men not wearing an overshoe and walking in dirt or even oil onto the carpet and we have also had lots or reported claims of householders claiming the meter reader or workman had walked oil into the carpet and a claim has been put forward for the cleaning or worse a new carpet so these overshoes are brilliant in covering both parties and hence no claim.Overshoes are a great solution for many problems in the home or at work and are used by many .panies as a safety precaution for visitors to put over there shoes as many businesses need the visitor to wear a shoecover to stop prevention of any contamination which may be on there shoes and overshoes are used in many hospitals and that was where they used the most, you will see doctors ,nurses and sometimes visitors having to wear overshoes to stop contamination,all these overshoes are disposable and many are bio degradable which is also an issue as the blue pvc overshoes cannot be land filled so makes it a big problem to dispose of so if you do decide to purchase overshoes plese ask the question of the supplies if the shoecovers can be land filled as you may find that the bin men wont take them and especially if you are a bussiness and use thousands then this is a big issue. There are many electricity, engineers ,delivery .panies and even carpet cleaning .panies now using overshoes which shows that they are a caring .pany who does think about the customer because the last thing you want is a workman walking through the house treading stains over your carpet infact its a very good idea if you are having work done on your house that you insist that the workmen wear overshoes if they are walking through the house and if need be purchase overshoes and give it to the builders when they arrive as you will be suprised how many builders think they are a good idea and then use them on there next job and if you have ever been to look at a new build house you will also notice that 90% of housebuilders now make you use overshoes if you are viewing the house and you will also notice that most use the non slip version as there has been a few reported accident where house viewers have slipped on the stairs whilst using the blue plastic overshoe and that is why they now all use the non slip overshoes which keeps the viewer safe whilst viewing the house of there dreams they may end up buying. overshoes can also be labelled with a .pany logo which is another good way of advertising as the .pany logo is on the front of the overshoe and makes the overshoe look less like a hospital shoe and more like a purpose made shoecover for the .pany and employees that will be wearing the overshoes. finally to recap on this article if you need work done or you want to keep you carpets clean from visitors they purchse non slip overshoes and ensure they are bio degradable ! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: