Guangzhou three district within two days of three motor accidents occurred in 5 people were killed a-foxpro6.0免费下载

Guangzhou three district two days three motorcycle accident 5 people were killed and 2 injured, Nanfang Daily News (reporter correspondent Gong Xuanjiao Lei Qi Xuan) Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau office 4, informed: Recently, Tianhe, Whampoa , Baiyun District, the occurrence of traffic accidents involving motorcycles, killing 5 people were killed, 2 people were injured. Guangzhou police have started from October 17th to carry out special work in the city to combat illegal motorcycle. In November 2nd 19 PM, Lee (male, 24 years old) with ordinary two wheel motorcycle driving plate in the vicinity of Tianhe District mupei road traveling from east to west, and laimou (male, 46 years old) driving without a license plate for ordinary two motorcycles collided, causing laimou died on the spot, Lee by traffic accident damage injuries and vehicle. On the same day at 21 am, Whampoa  District wide mouth Longshan Village intersection Zhen Shan Road (towards Shantou direction) occurred motorcycle with truck collision accidents, resulting in 2 deaths, 1 people were injured. After preliminary investigation, the incident Liu Mou (male, 41 years old) driving a mixer along Guangshan highway from west to East Longshan Town village traveling to the road, collided with a car traveling in the same direction of the motorcycle, causing the motorcycle Ye Xing (male, 29 years old), Yemou people (male, 36 at the age of 2) who died on the spot and Panmou (male, 26 years old) were injured (no danger). After mixing the car driver Liu carried out breath alcohol test, the result is 0mg 100mL; someone on the motorcycle did not get 3 motor vehicle driver’s license. November 3rd at 2 pm, the new Baiyun District Road Kim North Street intersection occurred in large trucks and two wheel motorcycle collision caused 2 people died of traffic accidents. After preliminary investigation, the incident Tanmou (male, 34 years old, without obtaining a driving license for driving without a license plate) ordinary two motorcycles, equipped with 1 men (identity verification) traveling north to south to the new Baiyun District Road Kim North Street intersection, and Shimou (male, 32 years old) driving driving from the west to the east of the heavy dump trucks (the owner is a Guangzhou City Construction Engineering Company Limited) collision caused by freight car damage and two wheel motorcycle motorcycle passengers on fire, 2 people died on the spot. After someone’s truck driver Shimou alcohol breath test, the results of 0mg 100mL. Guangzhou police attach great importance to the three cases involving motorcycle traffic accident, the traffic police department is the accident for further investigation and carry out related rehabilitation work, and on the afternoon of November 4th held in the city of accident prevention and deployment of electric motorcycle, renovation work conference, further strengthen the Department of investigating the electric motorcycle, illegal driving special action. At the same time, through the city to prevent the joint office of road traffic accident, the relevant departments to implement the main responsibility, and do a good job of motorcycle, electric vehicle traffic control and other traffic accident prevention work. Guangzhou police stressed that it will actively cooperate with the Municipal People’s Congress to complete the relevant legislative work as soon as possible, to increase efforts to combat motorcycle, electric vehicle traffic violations. Earlier, the traffic police department has started from October 17th to carry out special work in the city to combat illegal motorcycle, focusing on the division of the motorcycle ride 2相关的主题文章: