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Jiangjin: "the blue guards" won the municipal volunteer service gold – Chongqing windows, people.com.cn October 8th, from the Jiangjin District Water Bureau news, the third session of the Chinese youth volunteer service project competition in Chongqing ended, the "blue zone" guardian of water protection project won the gold award of voluntary, and on behalf of Chongqing city in in Zhejiang at the end of the national tournament held in Ningbo. The contest by the municipal Party committee, the Chongqing municipal civilization office, Chongqing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, Chongqing Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau, Chongqing City CDPF, Chongqing volunteer Federation co sponsored, aimed at encouraging all kinds of volunteer service organization innovation and rapid development. Since the start of August this year, received a total of 216 volunteer service projects from various districts and counties, schools, social organizations, voluntary service organizations report, covering the care for children of migrant workers, the disabled, the sun environmental protection and water conservation, poverty alleviation and emergency rescue and other nine categories. It is understood that the Jiangjin District blue guards water services Corps since its inception in 2013, has more than 400 volunteers. Blue Guardian water conservancy projects rely on the team to carry out voluntary service water. The volunteers monthly service 3-4 days, the guardian region more than 1 rural water conservancy facilities, implementation of the district water conservancy facilities management "full coverage" and "zero accident"; ensure the benign operation of the rural water conservancy facilities in the region, has been recognized and affirmed grassroots community masses. Zhang Lingni (Wang Zhang, commissioning editor:??)相关的主题文章: