From the left to the great Chinese left back Lippi helped him break out-特命战队go busters

From abandoned to " great Chinese left back " Lippi helped him break out? Man ball! Precision direct plug! Sharp plug in assists! At the moment, there seemed to be a voice: "the great Chinese left back Jiang Zhipeng, who inherited the glorious tradition of the Chinese team. In the 12 game last night, the national game full of opponents, Lippi’s first show distance is only a perfect goal. The attack is distinct, defensive end very oppressive, Lippi’s campaign team Chinese refresh the people’s impression for the national team with practical action, and this is in sit up and take notice of the team, Jiang Zhipeng’s performance is particularly prominent. If the Orangemen from perfect only a result, then the Jiang Zhipeng distance great may also only a "Grosso type goal". After the start of the game’s thirteenth minutes left in the first attack, Wu Lei made the opportunity to locate the ball, Jiang Zhipeng hit a high quality curve ball, the ball bounced back in front of the door, but was the keeper of qatar. Twenty-third minutes to open the Jiang Zhipeng on the left and the people staged a breakthrough high speed ball had been Jiang Zhipeng’s raw Qatar right back Moussa is a bit dull. Now people began to sigh, in the super flying wing Jiang Zhipeng finally came back. Thirty-fourth minutes is Jiang Zhipeng, he took from the back of Zhang Xizhe into high ball. The game play of Jiang Zhipeng is amazing, China team offensive ratio as high as 46.4%. Both Zhang Xizhe and Cao Yunding, two people are cut after the left corridor to Cao Yunding, the latter through strong upper and lower ability to assist the country foot pressing Qatar help. In Lippi’s comments Orangemen after the fox had clearly expressed the hope that the national football winger can "fly", and Jiang Zhipeng became the Lippi winger, the most important part in the plan. Back in time 1 months ago, the country foot away 0 to 2 loss to Uzbekistan, Jiang Zhipeng in the game in the first half seventeenth minute substitute for the injured sun can play, but after playing Jiang Zhipeng didn’t suit against the strength of the Uzbekistan team, fifty-second minutes of the second half and Gao Hongbo took him off. Gao Hongbo’s "outcast" last night run all over the court and even close to break in between Jiang Zhipeng what happened to the change? In an interview after the game, Jiang Zhipeng said, from the first day of the guidance of the coach from Lippi to instill confidence, and he has put down the burden. In the national foot away game against Uzbekistan, Gao Hongbo chose to replace the sun with Jiang Zhipeng, and Jiang Zhipeng is a temporary change to the locker room Jersey, he also admitted that he was not ready in mind. Therefore, the difference in mentality is an important factor in the contrast of the big ginger. In addition, the position adjustment is also an important factor. In Gao Hongbo’s system under the sun can be served as the substitute for Jiang Zhipeng on the left wing, he is also the main candidates for the 5 guard system in the left wing guard, in the 4 guard system in high guidance dare not rashly use the weak strong defensive attack Jiang Zhipeng. Lippi seems to be the best way to defend Jiang Zhipeng. In a war, Jiang Zhipeng catch up to 55 times the number in the country, first, ranked in game second相关的主题文章: