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[color] baby Lotto 16121 [color] forecasts summary baby celebrity house Lotto 16121st forecast: with the tail number out of the Lotto lottery number 03102032 34+04 07, in the area before the number, the total value is 99, with tail number 1 group, 1 odd 4 pairs, 3 big and 2 small. After the area is a little big even and odd form combination. The baby with color lottery 3D today in the history of this period, tools, analysis: before the district analysis: in the recent 8 consecutive 121 lottery, and the value of placement followed by 125-50-140-99-104-84-101-78, and the overall value of the massive changes in phase 2015121 and phase 2016121 low value point, value and value rose to 100 points above. At present, the display of the 2014121 and the number of the tail number of the group is 4, that is, the performance of the same tail number out of a group, estimated that the number of the same period with the tail number is not 2016121 out of the group of 2015121. Even the combination of the same period in history in a total of 7 out of the group, only in the 2014121 period without the even number combination, thus, even the combination of open well the next stage should pay attention to the 1 group of 2 consecutive appearance. In 121 times in the lottery, even number situation strong, in the next period, should pay attention to the odd number temperature higher than the 3:2 recommended parity. Back analysis: from a historical point of view the 121 area code size distribution, the number is the ratio of 1:1, the need to pay attention to large numbers of positive number, the parity codes for 2 consecutive period the average number, the need to pay attention to the even number up, thus greatly even-even comprehensive recommendation form combination. Recommended 5+2 combination: 02131825 31+02 09 [color prediction baby] Qingyun Lotto 16121st period: two district number rise on a lottery prize number out of 0310203234 + 0407, and the area before the value rose to 99 points, even out of stock, issued after all 1 combinations. Comprehensive analysis of 2016121 big lottery recommended: AC value analysis: on period AC value is 6, the recent open values were relatively stable, this period may be a slight decline in AC value. 012 Road: 120 012 road out of proportion 1:2:2, according to a recent analysis of 012 comprehensive trend, 16121 period the author recommended 012 than 1:3:1. Complex interval prediction: the period before the area open complex interval ratio 1:0:4, for a period of time, the number of code to maintain a good trend, estimate the next out of the code number of at least 3-4. Average value judgment: the period of average value out of 20 points, the recent cold average sustained downturn, forecast the next period will mean a slight decline. Interval structural analysis: the last phase of the proportion of 2:1:2 out of the award, the recent trend of small and medium large, is expected to rise sharply in the 121 phase of the second interval award. (source: color treasure net)相关的主题文章: