Man and wife million lottery to conceal the divorce court to pay 360 thousand hit5杨帆

Man and wife million lottery to conceal the divorce court to pay 360 thousand in Ningde on 25 November, (Chen Penghui leafy) men buy lottery tickets in millions of awards, but this will hide and divorce his wife and his ex-wife; after that, the husband is taken to court for common segmentation bonus. Fujian Xiapu County Court disclosure 25, concluded after the divorce property dispute case, help back 360 thousand yuan zhang. Court found that: at the beginning of February 2016, Liu buy lottery prize money of more than 1 million yuan, but Liu has concealed the winning information, Zhang and his wife divorced in February 18th. After the divorce, Zhang through her ex husband’s circle of friends that the situation, but at this time Zhang was unable to contact her ex husband. So Zhang to court, that the money belongs to the common property of the couple, but Liu conceal the proceeds and impair the lawful rights and interests, common segmentation bonus. Xiapu court after receiving the case immediately, mediation between the parties, with the provisions of legal interpretation liu. Liu understand the relevant laws and regulations, but also to take into account the feelings of the two, then agreed to pay Zhang $360 thousand, the two sides reached a settlement. The judge said, the husband and wife during the marriage relationship of the property, including lottery winnings, in addition to legal provisions and special agreement, belong to the common property of the couple.相关的主题文章: