Paddington Bear 2 boot actor Hugh Grant to be the villain 小坂めぐる

"2" boot Paddington Bear actor Hugh · Grant is coming when the villain "Paddington Bear 2" boot the new Express reported recently in October 23rd, the British producer David · Hayman and the French STUDIOCANAL company jointly announced the highly anticipated comedy animated film "2" Paddington Bear the official boot, while the exposure of the film cast. In addition to the Paddington Bear dubbed · · Adams, Imelda Whishaw; Taunton, Hugh Bonnet Willy, · Sally · Hawkins before starring collective return, double winner Hugh · Grant and Brendan · Gleason also announced to join the sequel to the shooting. As a popular global Carnival film "Paddington Bear" sequel, "2" will continue the Paddington Bear before the style, and continued by Paul ·’s gold. The film tells the story of Paddington Bear and Brown a happy life after a sudden storm. On the eve of aunt Lucy’s 100 year old birthday, the little teddy bear, who worked hard to buy her expensive gifts, was accidentally taken away. The mysterious book thief who is? Paddington Bear and the Brown family to their wits? Won the Golden Globe Award and BAFTA double winner Hugh · joined Grant, succeeding Nicole · Kidman became the villain in the sequel, has become a major part of the film the. Hugh · Grant plays a man named Feinikesi · Buchanan; former star, former Guangcaizhaoren showbiz star has suffered a bottleneck, gradually fade out of public view. Nicole avoided a specimen of doom is able to escape from the Paddington Bear, Hugh · Grant; the "claws"? In addition, with the "storm" in the corner of Churchill won the Emmy Award "mad eye Brendan · Gleason, in the sequel played a notorious thief and to find a strange combination of circumstances Paddington Bear book thief. Director Paul · Kim said he was pleased to see the "Paddington Bear" for audiences around the world with joy. The second part is the strength of two actors, the role set is more abundant, the plot has more ups and downs, the strength of actor and classic IP collision of the sparks exciting. The film is expected to release in 2017 at the end of the world.相关的主题文章: