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Asset liability management of the insurance industry on the agenda of the hard constraints on the balance sheet of two leather Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, buy funds pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The future asset liability management as the basis of ability evaluation of access to other conditions – reporter Liu Jingyuan "in the past, China Insurance Regulatory Commission in this matter of supervision is softening, no more hard requirements or guidance, the next step, the CIRC will have some specific requirements for asset liability management." This thing refers to the insurance asset liability management. CIRC funds supervision department director Ren Chunsheng held during September 23rd -24, the seventeenth Chinese actuarial annual meeting, the CIRC will promote asset liability management by supervision of "soft constraints" to "hard constraints" change. This stems from the intrinsic needs of asset liability insurance companies and the reality of the urgency of the mismatch caused by the mismatch of assets and liabilities, interest spread risk, liquidity risk is increasingly prominent in the insurance industry. The insurance industry is only one of the more outstanding companies to achieve a balance of assets and liabilities, for the vast majority of Companies in the industry, the assets and liabilities of the end of the ‘two skin’ situation." China Insurance Regulatory Commission Vice Chairman Chen Wenhui in fine annual meeting pointed out that the matching of assets and liabilities for insurance companies, is a very important topic, the need to strengthen the attention, the CIRC will promote the industry, strengthen the research of assets and liabilities, rely on actuarial technology and information technology, will implement the asset liability matching. "The future will be asset liability management capabilities as a basis for access to other capabilities to assess the basic conditions." Ren Chunsheng said, if the insurance company does not have the asset liability management, will affect the other seven evaluation; and if the company’s assets and liabilities evaluation, good management, the policy will have varying degrees of tilt, such as the establishment of real estate, infrastructure, pension and other professional insurance asset management institutions, the establishment of mezzanine funds mergers and acquisitions fund. Idea: from six aspects to promote the landing of the asset liability management of insurance into hard constraints, the CIRC preliminary ideas from the following six aspects. That is, the construction of system mechanism, promote the linkage of insurance company balance coordination, to account supervision as the starting point, explore the establishment of asset liability management evaluation system, give full play to the solvency capital constraints, strengthen supervision and coordination, the formation of regulatory efforts. First, the research and development of insurance company asset liability management specific measures. From the goals and strategies, organizational structure, personnel and responsibilities, work processes, systems and models, performance appraisal, etc., are proposed regulatory norms, asset liability management to promote the formation of an effective positive feedback mechanism. At the same time, the introduction of an independent third party audit institutions, periodic assessment of asset liability management. Second, to promote the insurance companies to establish the upper and lower linkage investment decision-making system and communication and coordination mechanism. "Up and down" is the decision making system of asset liability management from top to bottom, and the term "left and right" refers to the establishment of the internal theory相关的主题文章: