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Beijing Tianjin Hebei agricultural engineering experts talk about: "to lead" is an important path in zhongxinwangzhongxinwang in Shijiazhuang on 14 October, (Hao Ye Gao Hongchao Li Qian) Beijing Tianjin Hebei Green Agricultural Engineering Forum 14 in Hebei Province, Shijiazhuang city held a meeting, a comprehensive display of the agricultural engineering Tianjin into fruit and application made important achievements the experts said, in the discussion of how to further develop the agricultural engineering work, agricultural engineering should pay attention to the introduction of sustainable, "people people" is an important path to work. The meeting, three of Tianjin has launched a number of agricultural engineering plan, and the establishment of talent recruitment workstation in many places, carry out the green agriculture support talent recruitment work. As a major agricultural province, Hebei province since 2014 to start the implementation of the "agricultural engineering plan", vigorously the introduction of new varieties, new foreign agricultural technology, has invited Holland, Britain, the United States, Romania, Israel, Australia and other countries agricultural experts, fruit trees and vegetables for safe and efficient production and other aspects of the guidance and support of communication. The construction of "14 agriculture engineering demonstration base", has played a leading role model. Beijing agricultural information technology research center director Meng Zhijun believes that the rapid development of China’s agricultural technology, but from an international point of view, different regions of the new technology research background and the effect is not the same. Carry out the "green agriculture engineering plan to the development of green agriculture in different regions play a good role in promoting, help to achieve the complementary advantages of agricultural resources." Taiwan Plant Growth Expert Chang Chen East since 2008 many times to the mainland, popularize knowledge of plant Puguang and technical training for vegetables and fruit trees planting area, application and personally led lighting plant. Zhang Zhendong believes that any region has the advantages and disadvantages of the development of the introduction of some areas of advanced agricultural technology, to a large extent, reduce the errors in scientific research units and farmers in the exploration. The Department of science and technology, Tianjin Agricultural University director Cui Jing said that through the overseas study and work experience of the students, flows to foreign talent, then has been the introduction of foreign experts, to further attract more foreign experts to exchange of guidance, is conducive to the formation of a sustainable mechanism of introducing, and ultimately lead to others". (end)相关的主题文章: