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Mango TV the fate of a sharp turn? May be to the outbreak of the – Sohu technology recently, Hunan radio and television’s listed company’s happy purchase announced that due to the company’s major reorganization postponed resumption again. For a time, the online uproar rumors, mango will transfer its 7 subsidiaries into Happigo, backdoor listing. Among them, including the bearer of the Hunan radio and television Internet hope mango TV. Ten years ago, known as the Chinese version of YouTube Youku, potatoes have entered the Bureau, becoming the first batch of Companies in the domestic video industry venture. Subsequently, the industry first annexation of second industry, Baidu, Tencent and other giants have incoming national team, CNTV.COM also joined the war industry. At this point, people have realized that the industry is no longer a small business in the garden of Eden, but a policy and capital two camps against the battlefield. After 2010, the domestic video site encountered closures, from more than 300 dropped to about ten. Until 2014, BAT in the biggest group of Alibaba and the Department of radio and television mango TV has joined the fray, the official start of the video site competition pattern. Capital predators have joined, but people are still unable to forget the bitter experience in video company. Youku from U.S. stocks had to withdraw from the market, the privatization of Tencent, Iqiyi failed to video huge losses, the industry leader all-powerful have folded in the front waist profit problem. Is the domestic video website to mingtu? Mango TV this time can do it? Mango TV prospects? Excellent Tuqi art is suffering with mango TV six other companies were injected into the Happigo, backdoor listing, this news came out, immediately there is a group of peers stand accused, questioned the mango TV indecisive, listing strategy change again, or because the internal broadcasting prospects for mango TV is not clear. Yes, with the growth of market share, mango TV from the initial development of small and fine line gradually transformed into a large, from the beginning of the high-level announced plans to enter the new board, now hope to recombine backdoor landing A shares. Mango TV careful thinking really do not touch. However, many people ignore the fact that not even the mango TV, Youku, Iqiyi, Tencent the "predecessors" in the video site is also planted a lot of mud somersault. Change, it is the norm. First from the industry’s first Youku view, its listing on the NYSE in 2010. As the founder of the world’s first U.S. listed video company, Gu Yongqiang is quite proud to say on the stage: this victory belongs to all employees. However, with the huge dilution 18:1 good times don’t last long, and after 12 years, the capital into the winter period, a falling stock market for employees gradually found that stocks listed only a fantasy. In 2015, after hitting the wall of Youku ushered in the spring of second, but did not enter the field of video Ali BAT, announced the excellent soil privatization, still by Gu Yongqiang as a responsible person. So far, Youku has become the world’s largest online retailer, a wholly owned subsidiary of Alibaba. Youku immediately withdraw from the U.S. stock market, embarked on the road in the domestic market. However, that is.相关的主题文章: