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A method of zero error correcting eye shadow to create don’t think eye shadow is a very simple thing, seemingly simple smearing can actually to change the makeup effect. But for the hands of you to do 0 mistakes is really difficult. Today let your eyes not edit NG. NO: positive solution boundary is too distinct eye color: eye makeup is the most charming place to render different colors to create the charm of deep eyes, if you draw the line between different color like Each one minds his own business. the same, it will make the eyes look like 1.5 products, even if painted eye shadow is work not completed. Han Jie shape to create the whole process of eye color is the key of NO: positive solution using shadow box with small Eyeshadow Eyeshadow: most will attach a small eye shadow bar. As mentioned above, to avoid the boundaries between different color too obvious, because the sponge materials are not easy to get the color layers, make color rendering natural Eyeshadow brush together is the most ideal. NO: Eye Shadow makeup is too thick to truth: carefully in the liner where pat slight eye shadow, and don’t pay attention too much more than a range, or accidentally become panda eyes.相关的主题文章: