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Prices high fever young people do not eat or drink for five years to gather enough Shoufu first-tier cities prices high fever around to confront this year, hot city prices high fever, the most expensive land frequency, after two years of the "limit" flag again. The news that Xiamen issued a restriction order soon, Wuhan also resorted to the killer – Credit limit. The industry is expected to follow or have more cities to join the ranks of policy tightening. Some netizens said that the property market rose too fast, so that buyers just need to catch up. Home buyers, no doubt has become the most difficult for the majority of young people into the community. Taking the western city of Chengdu as an example. According to the data of Chengdu City Housing Authority real estate contract filing system, as of July this year, Chengdu city commercial housing transaction price rose 10.2%, up to 10755 yuan per square meter, the 7 consecutive month prices over a million. In May this year, the average wage in 2015 the city’s urban Chengdu Municipal Bureau of statistics released all units employment announcement shows that in 2015 the average wage in Chengdu city all unit employment was 57480 yuan, that is to say, if you want to buy a set of 100 square meters, the total price of 1 million yuan in the house in the center of Chengdu City, Shoufu 30%. The average wage level, individual needs more than 5 years do not eat not to drink enough shoufu. First tier cities in the purchase cost is not to mention. Obviously, the deposit or deposit in their own coffers can not be achieved in the short term purchase of this desire. So, for entering the society, home buyers just need to young people, if there is a way of financing can not only achieve savings, and can bring some benefits to realize the value of the assets, is undoubtedly the best of both worlds. And the fixed investment fund is a kind of financing way at the same time with these two functions, the monthly income will take out the part, put in investment accounts to fund the purchase Many a little make a mickle. Moreover, with the fund management company’s ability to invest in a long time to achieve the goal of asset appreciation. For the needs of young people, financial experts calculate a bill. If the investor monthly income of 5000 yuan, 3000 yuan a month can leave suggestions for fund investment, 2000 yuan for daily expenses, including rent, daily, savings can be used as savings, rational planning of asset allocation. In GF fund, for example, false bidding set for GF manufacturing featured (270028), the investor is scheduled to start from September 30, 2011, the monthly deduction of 3000 yuan, if the investment rate is 1%, according to the holding period of back-end charges, charges that, as of September 2nd this year, the cumulative investment charge 60 times, total investment the cost is 180 thousand yuan, total investment income was 128 thousand and 200 yuan, the total yield reached 71.22%. If investors choose to redeem at this time, the total return of 308 thousand and 200 yuan. From the year earnings, investors choose investment GF manufacturing featured, the composite annual yield of 10.76% to 5 years. The same period, the bank’s five year time deposit interest rate of up to 5.5%, the lowest is only $4.75%. If you rely solely on bank deposits to buy a house, it is estimated that the dream.相关的主题文章: