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CEC is not fast enough to help 12C to play in the end – Sohu car does not have P1 that sharp color value, step Karen 12C looks like a most common supercar, but in fact it is true? Michael Karen scythe like eyes, on this 12C did not appear before the bar shape is quite satisfactory. However, the charm of this 12C is completely hidden in this simple look inside. What exactly is it? Have the ability to kill the ultimate super run, the 12C from the inside and outside the use of lightweight technology, inherited a lot of advanced Karen F1 racing technology. The power output of 626 HP and 600 torque, the data in the super run inside is not particularly conspicuous, the displacement of the 3.8L engine in the super run which also belongs to a relatively small, but the data for 12C and no light to the important. The design of the butterfly door let Karen 12C in the opening of the door is very eye-catching, carbon fiber cockpit is very good to reduce the weight of the step 12C Karen. Although some embarrassing situations will occur on the car, but this small sacrifice in exchange for a high degree of lightweight and super package is also worthy of. In the modern automotive industry, each car manufacturers are increasing concern about the small displacement lightweight. Lightweight, really that important? Lightweight can reduce vehicle fuel consumption, increase fuel efficiency, increase safety factor, shorten the braking distance, so as to make the daily travel safer and more efficient. For Karen owners, reducing fuel consumption for them and not much significance, enhance the power is the key to the key, from the body to reduce the weight of difficulties, the effect is not obvious. However, reducing the weight of the spring is the easy way to lose weight. Market rumors said: to reduce the effect of 1KG spring quality equivalent to 15KG reduce the quality of spring, although the data is not necessarily accurate, but the fact is the case. Karen 12C’s brakes use a lighter metal brake, so where is the main source of the spring mass? Wheel hub! For the Karen 12C mount CECForgedC884 wheels, silver wheels more in line with the body color. The five design can effectively reduce the quality of the wheel hub, a large area of the brake disc exposed, more conducive to air circulation, the heat of the brake is also very helpful. Simple but not simple, CECForged designers for each of the wheels are designed to add a unique color. Is just a single scroll wheel, also has its own unique design style, silver polishing processing is quite delicate, in a Karen 12C, this CECForgedC884 hub appears on the level. More information can be concerned about changing the network WeChat public account gtuucom相关的主题文章: