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Arts-and-Entertainment When an individual decides to purchase a car the first thing that strikes his mind is what type of interest rate will he be able to afford on the car and what will he settle for as per the offers of different lenders. Every individual knows that the credit score plays a very important role while determining whether a specific loan can be acquired at the rates expected by the borrower. It is seen that people with good credit score do not have to face any problems as far as securing low interest car loans is concerned but when it comes to people with bad or no credit score the situation takes a U-turn. Car loans for people with bad credit are available but only from subprime lenders auto loans for bad credit or no credit people can be expected. Banks and credit unions are slightly hesitant about offering auto loan with bad credit since the transaction calls for some amount of risk both at the lenders end and at the borrowers end. It is because of this risk that many lenders do not want to get into it and rather would stay with prime segment of borrowers. Subprime lenders auto loan can be mainly acquired from online car finance sites as the online lenders are more flexible with their rates as compared to conventional lenders like banks and credit unions. Acquiring auto loan with bad credit and car loan with no credit at the lowest possible interest rates is only possible when the borrower puts forth worthy collateral or finds a cosigner with really good credit score to cosign the loan. If the borrower doesnt possess the collateral or cannot find a cosigner then it becomes his duty to save enough cash to make a huge down payment. By giving away a huge down payment the subprime lenders offering auto loans will be confident about the transaction and will know that the borrower will not default without making an effort. The best place to look for car loans for people with bad credit would be the internet. The internet is one of the most attractive options for all subprime borrowers as the rates and quotes available are quite reasonable and the processing time of the used car loan application is also not so long. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: