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31 small towns in China Hebei Yanjiao prices over a million "Yiqijuechen" super 20 thousand rising in first-tier cities and second tier city core prices at the same time, some small around the city have gone. "First Financial Daily" reporter Chinese according to the market prices of small towns in China platform to release the price list of Statistics found that in August of this year, there are 31 small towns housing million mark in May of this year, this figure is only 24. Just three months, the price of over 10000 small towns on the new addition of 7. That is, here includes the town of county, city, including Dongguan, Sanya and other cities under no County Rural Town, because the city town is equivalent to other city districts. Due to the small scope of the region, real estate is not much, but also a January statistics, so the relative changes in the data will be relatively large. Among them, Hebei ranked first in Langfang under the Yanjiao (Sanhe Town is a county-level city), in August the average price reached 20794 yuan / square meters, becoming the only one price exceeded 20 thousand mark in small towns, leading the second Sanya Phoenix Town 4 thousand yuan. It is worth noting that, in May of this year, the average price of 16728 yuan per square meter in Yanjiao, just a few months on the rise of more than 4 thousand yuan, or up to 24%. Last year, Beijing City sub center of the news after the official release, close to Tongzhou Yanjiao property market ushered in a round of skyrocketing. A year ago, the market still exclaimed prices rose to 15000 yuan per square meter; now, many new sites in Yanjiao have a breakthrough or approaching the 30 thousand mark. After Yanjiao, Langfang and selected 3 small towns, including Sanhe to 16433 yuan per square meter price in third, manufacturers ranked tenth with 14276 yuan / square meters, Xianghe ranked nineteenth, Guan ranked twenty-fourth. Why Langfang property market is the hottest? This is because with the Beijing municipal government moved eastward, Tongzhou city center established, Tongzhou released the history of the most stringent restriction policy, across the river with the Tongzhou north three counties (Langfang and Guan Jingnan "four tigers") market fire burned more prosperous, the the four most active plates around Beijing property market. Due to the special location of Beijing, Tianjin, the region has been a popular home buyers in Beijing and tianjin. Similar to Langfang, thanks to the high prices of first tier cities, as well as the purchasing power of Shenzhen surrounding Dongguan, Jiangsu, Shanghai and other places around the world. Especially in March of this year, Shanghai, Shenzhen purchase policy tightening, a lot of purchasing power into the first tier cities. Among them, the neighboring Shenzhen, Dongguan, the average price of 10 towns exceeded million mark. The ten towns are Fenggang, Tangxia, Changan, Dalang, and Huang Jiang, Dalingshan Qingxi, Houjie, Humen and Liaobu. Fenggang, Tangxia and Changan, which are close to Shenzhen, are among the top ten of all small towns. The town of Dongguan high prices, mainly because of rising prices in Shenzhen under the condition of a large number of purchasing power spillover to Dongguan deep area home prices, a direct result of the line in Dongguan soared, in fact, many local deep area, prices have already exceeded the 20 thousand mark, more than the city of Dongguan, Guangzhou. For example, in the past as a deep area property price depression figure相关的主题文章: