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300 owners of illegal van nocturnal night vegetables to sleep during the day traffic police asked the driver to produce documents police for map Express News (correspondent Zhao Zhusheng Shao Kailong reporter Lin Qingzhi) September 22nd, Zhenjiang police found a van for the illegal track in the streets, immediately notify the police to intercept. After investigation, the Fujian nationality Li in the past two years, driving the car traffic violations up to 300, and not dealt with. At present, the car has been withheld by law. Last November, due to repeated traffic violations and not processed, the license plate number for the Soviet Union LDAxxx this minibus was blacklisted by the police, become the focus of investigation and treatment object. At that time, Zhenjiang New District Traffic Police Brigade through the "320" monitoring system to track the car. The strange thing is, the car suddenly evaporated, repeatedly find no fruit, the mobile phone number is empty voice prompt. In September 22nd, the traffic police found that the van appeared in the New District, while tracking, while telling the road traffic police intercept. Finally, the car was seized in the Chuan Shan hot springs. Traffic police investigation found that from November 16, 2014 to now, the van has 300 red light running, speeding and illegal traffic violations. Among them, the speeding behavior in Nanjing, Jiangning, up to 206. Traffic police, Li all kinds of traffic violations should pay a fine of nearly 40 thousand yuan, buckle 300 points. Lee explained, the van was bought in the second-hand car market, used to pull cargo. He used to do business in the District of Zhenjiang in 2015, is dedicated to the Nanjing Jiangning wholesale vegetable, sent to Zhenjiang District Chuan Shan hot springs and other canteens. Each purchase is at 2 a.m. departure, about 8 goods will be sent to the unit, and then sleep during the day. At present, the police are urging Lee as soon as possible to the vehicle administration department of traffic law "cleared", and accept the police deal with.

面包车昼伏夜出违法300起 车主夜里拉蔬菜白天睡觉 交警请司机出示证件 警方供图   快报讯(通讯员 赵竹生 邵凯龙 记者 林清智)9月22日,镇江交警发现,追踪多日的一辆违法面包车出现在街头,立即通知交警堵截。经查,福建籍的李某在近两年时间里,驾驶该车交通违法多达300起且未处理。目前,该车已被依法暂扣。   去年11月,因屡次交通违法且未处理,车牌号为苏LDAxxx的这辆面包车被警方列入黑名单,成为重点查处对象。当时,镇江新区交警大队就通过“320”监控系统对该车追踪。奇怪的是,该车突然蒸发了,多次寻找无果,语音提示车主手机号码是空号。   9月22日,交警发现这辆面包车出现在新区,一边跟踪,一边通知路面交警堵截。最终,该车在圌山温泉被查获。交警调查发现,从2014年11月16日到现在,这辆面包车共有300起闯红灯、超速和违停等交通违法行为。其中,在南京江宁的超速行为就达206起。   交警介绍,李某各类交通违法累计要交罚款近4万元、扣300分。李某交代,面包车是在二手车市场买的,用于拉货。以前他在镇江新区做生意,2015年起,就专门到南京江宁批发蔬菜,送往镇江新区圌山温泉和其他单位食堂。每次进货都是凌晨2点出发,8点左右将货送到单位,然后白天睡觉。   目前,警方正在督促李某尽快到车管部门将交通违法“清零”,并接受警方处理。相关的主题文章: