16 year old British girl to help Chinese babies earn six pounds in English name for six months ffrrr.com

The 16 year old British girl to help Chinese baby six months English earns 50 thousand pounds Chinese from foreign names, making jokes, already did not want to let foreigners. For example, Dick (Ding Ding), such as Candy, Honey (for example, nightclub Green Tea bitch) Gandalf (Gan Daofu, the evil wizard), Cinderella (Cinderella). There is even a dialogue piece: "Hi, my name is Dick." Hi, my name is Ding Ding. "Hi, I am Huang" (HI, my name is Huang Shiting) looks no problem on the surface, but the foreigner doesn’t sound like that at all, it’s just too yellow to be honest with. (English understand own experience) face Chinese up English name embarrassment, a 16 year old British girl, in a chance, for a couple of neonatal China played a English, opportunities will then crush her, she was unprepared in the six months to earn 48000 pounds (about 430 thousand yuan). According to British media reports, the girl named Beau Jessup, is a A-level student (British high school students), from Gloucestershire (Gloucestershire). She is the daughter of British TV show Loose Women host Lisa Maxwell. No, Loose Women ITV is a British television a popular daytime talk show, 4 women were talking about all kinds of "women topic" together: fashion, underwear, shopping, diet, drinking, sexual relations and so on. Beau’s mother is one of the hosts. Figure two is her mother. Of course, also played a number of TV shows, here is not the table. This is the Beau in 2008 and in London in the premiere of the two film and her father and mother’s photo. The deviation of the. Get down to business。 Beau is because of an opportunity to visit China, she has helped people get the idea of English name. During his stay in China, Beau visited a Chinese family, the family of his father’s friends. One day, she went out to dinner with the Chinese family, the reason is that this life has a baby, they asked Beau to give the baby an English name. After that, her hair get out of hand, and set up their own website SpecialName, dedicated to the Chinese play English name. In China, it is important for children to have an English name, because they will learn English in the future, go abroad to study, or do business with foreigners, Beau said. Chinese names are sometimes hard to remember, so they need an English name. Speaking of her web site, Beau said, the user first landed on the site, according to gender, need to be given from the website of the 12 elements of the personality of the choice of 5, such as sensitive, Ho相关的主题文章: