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110 mobile phone alarm platform opens tomorrow   can directly upload pictures or video information – Beijing channel — people.com.cn original title: 110 mobile phone alarm platform under the jurisdiction of the public security organs that enable only reason Beijing’s criminal and security cases and criminal clues four characteristics of complementary supplement 110 phone alarm alarm alarm channel demand convenient for people to use the telephone in the call should not be directly. The visual alarm when the masses can directly upload pictures or video information, more conducive to the police to determine the site conditions, strengthen preparedness, improve police efficiency. Service 110 network (mobile phone) alarm platform has been integrated in the vicinity of the police station, "common problems" and other modules to facilitate the masses to query; at the same time, relying on Internet technology. The real name system can better protect the legitimate rights and interests of the victim, but also conducive to the rapid investigation of harassment, illegal acts such as the false alarm. Alarm process 1 download APP, click "I want to alarm" into the alarm page. Good telephone number and ID number must be prepared before the alarm. 2 in the registration of the alarm interface after the success of the "alarm", click "continue" to enter the alarm home page, you can call the police. 3 in the "I want to alarm," the interface has a description of the police situation, upload pictures, video, select the time of the incident, location and other information, select the "alarm" to complete the alarm. Can also be found in the vicinity of the police station information. Beijing morning news (reporter Zhang Jingya) yesterday, the Beijing morning news reporters from the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau police service headquarters was informed that the construction of 110 Internet (mobile phone) alarm platform, and in October 1st will be on-line test run, accept the alarm. It is reported that the alarm APP can facilitate the masses in the inappropriate use of the phone when the phone calls directly to the alarm, the alarm can directly upload pictures or video information. The reporter learned from the police, 110 police officers in the mobile phone alarm to the police for help, accepting the real-time interactive online answers platform, and according to the real-time docking alarm and police command and dispatch system, the rapid transfer of police intelligence disposal. 110 mobile phone alarm platform opened the first phase of the 4 functional modules, I want to alarm, near the police station, common problems, personal center". There are two kinds of alarm mode in the "Beijing 110" mobile phone alarm platform, the first is the "Beijing 110" APP as the end of second alarm alarm, is embedded in "360 mobile phone" guardian of the "Beijing 110" module as alarm alarm terminal. According to reports, the current Android mobile phone system has been able to download 110 mobile alarm platform, iOS system client is still in development. – 1 important in case of emergency, please dial 110. 2 cases of criminal law, public security cases and criminal clues in Beijing, which are under the jurisdiction of Beijing public security organs. 3 please leave a valid contact telephone number, ID number, address and other contact information, in order to contact with you in time, and actively cooperate with the public security organs to carry out the work. 4 press)相关的主题文章: