10TB Seagate skyhawk monitor hard disk for sale 3530 yuan mide-031

Seagate 10TB SkyHawk hard disk monitoring listed for sale 3530 yuan Seagate launched BarraCuda Pro, former IronWolf, SkyHawk three series of consumption level hard, maximum capacity is 10TB, respectively, for the common desktop, NAS network storage, video surveillance. Now, SkyHawk 10TB has started selling models, this is the three series in the cheapest one, the official price of $460, is currently in Japan Akihabara sold 53800 yen, about 3530 yuan. Seagate 10TB SkyHawk hard disk monitoring the hard disk number "ST10000VX0004", the traditional 3.5 inch model (146.99× 101.85× 26.11 mm 650 grams), SATA 6Gbps interface, 256MB cache, 7200RPM speed, internal transmission speeds of up to 210MB s, read and write power 6.8W, MTBF 1 million hours. It is equipped with a monitoring application designed for optimization of ImagePerfect firmware, simultaneously recording 64 high-definition video streaming, data is written to the maximum amount of 180TB years, the working temperature range of 0-70 DEG C, +Rescue Data Recovery Service also supports data recovery service.相关的主题文章: